Daymak Vienna Rocket 72V Electric Scooter

Daymak Daymak
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Daymak Vienna 72V Electric Scooter
Lightweight high powered Electric Scooter
72V 12AH SLA Battery
Dual Removable Battery Packs
Thin Seat Width and Tires
Single Incandescent Headlights

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The Daymak Vienna is the slim rocket electric bike that balances weight with power. The Vienna is the only electric scooter of its kind with 72V 12AH removable batteries, while still being relatively lightweight, slender with tons of torque. With its dual LED front headlights, you can stay visible at any time of day. The Daymak Vienna also comes with an additional 12V cigarette lighter adapter, and a USB adapter. So you plug in your phone, GPS or anything else you may need to charge. The Vienna also comes with hydraulic disc brakes for the best stopping power. Plus it comes with bonus features such as alarm system, remote start, cell phone holder, and back lit digital LCD. This zippy electric scooter is also very easy to pedal as well, making it great for that extra boost or if you want to use the pedal assist. The Vienna is the perfect bike for just about anyone, small or large, young or old, man or woman. This electric scooter does not disappoint.

Is the Vienna right for me?

If you are looking for a bike that is easily stored inside or can charge have the batteries, this is the bike for you. With its dual removable battery packs (one under the floor panel of the bike and the second under the seat) you can bring them inside and charge them if you are hanging up your keys for the long winter. Each battery pack weighs just over 30 lbs.

The Vienna has a glove compartment in which you can store documents, (and is where the USB charger is located) and it also comes with a rear case that has a carrying volume of 13” x 10” x 10”. That is the only real space for storage making the Daymak Vienna ideal for commuting, but less for carrying capacity.

Designed for two people, this electric scooter can take on extra weight. With its 72V of power you will still be able to get up to speed with little to no relative problem with a second rider however the range of the scooter will drop. The width of the seat is 8” and the length 9”, so as it fits for two, this bike is most comfortably rode by one.

What I should know about the Daymak Vienna     

This bike has dual removable batteries, both sets of batteries are required for the bike to operate, however you can charge them individually. The ebike can be charged directly in the charging port under the nose of the seat which will charge both battery packs simultaneously.

The keys for the Vienna are the same keys that turn the ignition, open the seat, open the rear case, and unlock the battery case under the floor panel, so be very careful not to lose them!

Get Financing for as low as
a month over a 24 month period!

More Information
Condition New
Financing Price $76.42
Weight 60.00
On Sale No
Alarm Yes
Battery 72V 12AH
Battery Type Lead Acid
Brakes Hydraulic (front / rear)
Gauges Digital, Battery, Speedometer, Odometer
Heated Handgrips No
Max Incline 25 Degrees
Length 60"
Width 25"
Height 44"
Model Vienna
Mp3 Connected No
Weight 60 kg
Range up to 50 km
Seat Height 34"
Seat Length 20"
Seat Width 8"
Shipping Dimensions 64 X 18 X 39 inches
Max Speed 32 km/h
Voltage 72V
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