The Daymak Sunshine is amazing! For everything that it does, it’s both simple yet advanced, fun and practical, sleek yet stylish, this bike basically has it all. There is a lot of cool configurable techy stuff that makes it great for the geeks and the mechanic types but let me start off by telling you the basics.

Daymak Sunshine

The better alternative to public transit (no offense).

With the Sunshine you can go up to 32 km/h and travel up to 40 km using no gas. That might not sound far at first, but unless you’re travelling an hour on the highway each morning to work most people can make that trip there and back home each day.

So it gets you to work and back, it costs a few cents to charge (somewhere in the vicinity of 5-20 cents) and oh yeah, no license, registration or insurance and fully street legal.

Just so we’re clear the only costs after getting the Daymak Sunshine is the cost to charge it and yearly maintenance checks. (Can range anywhere from $50 -$150 but if you’re really handy you might skip that entirely)

It looks expensive (But it isn’t)

The fenders are this sleek reflective colour that stands out beautifully in the sun. Best of all there are these LED strip lights that are configurable with your phone so that you can change the colour to whatever you can imagine. I personally like the Black Sunshine with the white lights but you can get way funkier than that.

Oh and the price is $1999 or $2299 with solar case! So yeah…

Daymak Sunshine Solar Case

It is SOLAR!

For those who got an extra couple hundred bucks laying around or you need the guys in your World Cup Soccer pool to pony up because you knew France was going to take it, now is the time! You can get a solar panel carrying case which allows you to charge the bike in the sun! So when you’re lying on the beach getting a tan you’re actually charging your bike! Oh and the LEDs also connect to the case so they also keep you visible at night!

For the minimalists out there, you can always go with the regular case, which has a quick release latch and still serves the purpose of carrying your stuff.

Sunshine at The Beach

If you haven’t got the hint by now, it connects to your phone!

So it connects to your smart phone either Android or iOS, (sorry for the 5 Blackberry users out there). There is a bunch of settings that you can configure, between your acceleration curve, maximum acceleration, cruise control, forward and reverse, motor lock and more! And it has an Mp3 speaker so you can play your music off your phone.

 So if you’re looking for a better package for under $2000, I really don’t know what to tell you. But in my opinion this is worth every cent! If you’re tired of rubbing elbows with that guy who hasn’t showered in a week on the subway I think this your out!