It is just as important when riding an ebike to ride safely as it is to have fun. Akili Sylvester, the Project Manager at Daymak has done a quick but important video on how to ride your ebike in the safest manner.


For those looking for the quick tips they are as follows:

1)      Practice

2)      Obey all rules of the road

3)      Ride in the Safest Lane Available

4)      Always use your indicators / hand signals

5)      Ride in the right most lane

6)      Make Left hand Turns in the Left Most Lane

7)      Wear protective head gear

8)      Leave Ample room when braking

9)      Use your lights

10)   Ride with a second passenger only when the bike is fitted to do so

11)   Never ride intoxicated


The video goes into further detail, but by following these tips and tricks you should ensure yourself a fun and safe ride. Happy riding everyone!