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Ebike Universe Toronto

If you are lucky enough to live in the mega city of Toronto, and are looking for an easier way to get around town without relying on the TTC, come to one of our Ebike Universe Toronto locations! We have two locations located in the East and North ends of Toronto. These locations have the largest ebikes selection Toronto has to offer!

Check out our showroom in the East end of Toronto just off the Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton and test ride, an EM1, a Rickshaw or even check out the kids toy cars for a gift for the little one.

Or head to the North end of Toronto, off of the Highway 400 and Finch ave and check out the largest ebike showroom in Ontario on Oakdale rd!

Both locations have friendly staff that are not only helpful, but ebike enthusiasts themselves! Make sure yoy find the right ebike for you and most importantly for the right price.

Don't let other Ebike stores in Toronto give you any less service than what you deserve. Check out our locations, and see what the hype that has Toronto quickly becoming the biggest ebike city in Canada!


Ebike Universe Toronto East

15 Curity Ave
Toronto ON M4B1X4
Tel: (416)749-3909
24/7 Ecommerce: www.ebikeuniverse.com
E-mail: torontoeast@ebikeuniverse.com


Ebike Universe Toronto North

134 Oakdale Rd
Toronto ON M3N1V9
Tel: (416)744-2453
24/7 Ecommerce: www.ebikeuniverse.com
E-mail: torontonorth@ebikeuniverse.com

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