Daymak Beast 60V Off-Road Electric Scooter

Daymak Beast 60V Off-Road Electric Scooter - Ultimate

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Daymak Beast Ultimate 60V Electric Scooter
Solar Powered 60V 40AH Lithium Ion Removable Battery Pack
Bluetooth Controller to Configure your Bike
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Rear Rack and Case
Tablet Display
Heavy Duty 21" x 7" x10" Tires

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The Daymak Beast is the flagship model of the Daymak line. Often considered the be all end of all of electric scooters the Daymak Beast has everything going for it. All models of the Beast come with a solar powered battery pack which trickle charges your bike while you ride or when it’s parked. Harnessing the power of the sun, the Beast is an eco-friendly, efficient scooter with the ability to go off-road, but is street legal and makes your daily commute fun and easy. With the battery pack being removable, you can also easily charge the bike inside at night. The rugged look of the Beast has become a signature favorite of scooter riders. The Beast battery pack is covered with tempered glass so you can put your feet on it without being concerned it will crack, or put your feet on the foldable pedals at the very front to give you the “cruiser” riding style. With the oversized tires the Beast makes going over tracks, trails, and pot holes a breeze. With the Beast being completely silent, it makes it perfect for taking it in the cottage, going through the woods, or just about anywhere for that manner. With an optional trailer hitch add-on this Daymak Beast can easily become a great utility vehicle for farms and more. Make a statement without making a footprint with the Daymak Beast.

SLA Battery vs Lithium Ion Battery

The standard Beast electric scooter comes with a SLA (standard lead acid) battery pack that is 60V 12AH where all other models come with a Lithium Ion battery. Lithium ion is the more effective battery technology granting a significant decrease in weight while increasing overall life time of the battery and power. The Beast standard battery pack weighs approximately 60 lbs and has an expected life expectancy of 300 charges, where the Deluxe and Beast D battery pack weighs 26 and offers 20AH of power and has a life expectancy of 800 charges. The most powerful battery pack is in the Ultimate that has 22AH Samsung 18650 lithium ion batteries. This has a life expectancy of approximately 1000 charges and offers a slight increase in power over the standard lithium ion. Amp hour, in shortest terms increases the range of how long you can ride before you need to charge again.

Solar powered battery pack

All versions of the Daymak Beast come with a solar powered battery pack. With this battery, it is estimated that on a sunny day it will provide approximately 15W of energy. This translates to roughly a mile every 2 hours. With this being said, if you travel less than 4 miles to work on a standard 8 hour work day, you shouldn’t have to charge the bike at all!

Beast D, the dual motor electric scooter

The Beast D, is the only electric scooter with dual 500W motors available in the Daymak line. This version of the Beast can be run with either rear wheel drive, or all wheeled drive. The trade-off by running with both motors is power and speed vs range. With both motors you will sacrifice the maximum distance that you can travel in exchange for a huge increase in speed and maximum incline.  The Beast D, as it has two 500W motors, is not street legal in North America and is meant to be used for off-road purposes only.

The Beast Ultimate Inverted shocks

The Beast Ultimate offers gold finished inverted shocks (also known as USD forks) that offer more strength on the impact of the Beast as well as a reduction of un-sprung weight on the forks. This in short offers a smoother ride and less wear and tear in the ebike. 

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Plus d'information
Condition Nouveau
Financing Price (1.0795 x Price) / 24 months 247,34 $
Weight 200.00
En Soldes No
Version Ultimate
Alarme No
Batterie 60V 40AH
Type de batterie Lithium Ion
Freins Hydraulic Disc (front / rear)
Coleur Noir
Jauges LED, Speedometer, Thermometer, Odometer
Poignées Chauffées No
Inclinaison Maximale 20 Degrees
Longueur 198cm
Largeur 32 km/h
La Taille 96cm
Maquette Beast
Moteur 500W
Mp3 Connecté No
Poids 114 kg
Gamme up to 50 km
Hauteur du Siège 36"
Longueur du siège 14"
Largeur du Siège 8"
Dimensions de l'Expédition 78 X 23 X 31 inches
Vitesse Maximale 32 km/h
Tire Size No
Tension 60V
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